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Custom Log Home Design Services

Most of our customers typically take advantage of our Custom Log Home Design Services. Our goal is to get you into a home that is exactly the way you want it. It is a matter of hours and or days to communicate back and forth, and you help us come up with a final design that you are happy with. Use a design sketched on a napkin, another home design you like, or get started with one of our designs and tweak it to your liking. The strongest, least expensive and best designs are ours of course, but we will work with you!

Initially we try to approximate the final cost using samples we have done on similar custom log homes with the same footage, and if it looks good to you, we start tweaking your design. Our final bid is based on the exact material needed, with extra material added where needed, and not too much, but not to little. Our premium material helps keep loss down, but we try to estimate usage on the design, and count virtually all lumber, beams and logs. We have this down.

Our designs are done by designers, not architects. We are builders, not paper tigers. We design for efficiency, and do care about costs! We have had many models engineered, and this is optional. We can electronically send an engineer our files for calculations in several formats, and our software is state-of-the-art! Engineering might cost from a few hundred to a few thousand, and needs to be done by one licensed in your state. This is not done unless required by code or requested by you, and is at your cost. We do not charge you to update our plans, in fact, we welcome it, especially with custom designs. Engineering if needed is usually about .50 to 1. per square foot, depending on the design. We work with an engineering firm that is licensed in all 50 states if needed.

We try to give you good bang for the buck, so when a certain design change can be costly in materials or support, we will try to go over other options. Most interior walls and window combinations do not affect the structure, and we can open areas up using beams instead of bearing walls, at little or no extra cost in materials. Our goal is to give you a beautiful, worry free home that has the footage you need, the placement of walls, the layout and wow appeal that you want as well as being functional and pleasing to the eye and pocketbook.

Print out a log home plan. Mark it up. Send it to us by mail, fax or E-mail, or even a cell phone pic, and we get started. Send us anything you have and get a great looking 3d look at what you want, not an old blueprint like everyone else has, and get in in a few days, not a month like others. Elevations just can’t show what a 3d can, and we can show any angle in full color. We bid your material package, do a turn key estimate, and provide 2 sets of plans for the financing, overnighted. For a customized design and bid that does not change a footprint or structure of one of our homes, the design is FAST!  Your fully customized design is free, but we do have a small plan deposit fee of $1500. if you do not go through with the package after we have designed it, bid it, estimated the turn key, and overnighted a sales agreement. This only applies if you need final construction drawings for engineering, or county approval, where they need a final design, without you signing our bid. We cannot design a custom home, bid all the materials, do a turn key estimate for nothing! If you do not have property, we usually just send additional designs, and help you estimate, as custom design without property is pointless, as foundations change, even footprints and design after you look at the exact property you end up with. Thanks for understanding. Another reason why we verbally estimate the projects first to get an idea of the package price and an approximate turn key for you. If it fits, we move forward, and as fast or slow as you want us to. Please let us know if you really need help, and want to do this, or are just needing information so you can find out what the home will cost when done, totally (turn key), and we usually can be more efficient.

Design possibilities are endless, and we will package your kit around your design. This one was done by an architect and we delivered a custom package for the home.













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