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Our interiors and Exteriors reflect the individual tastes of each homeowner. Each home is tailored to the way you want it. Our materials are so dry that the maintenance issues are almost nil, as we discuss in our guide the proper care and maintenance of your logs. Take a peek and see our beautiful logs. They are unlike any other in color, strength and longevity, settling less, fitting tighter, and going up quicker with killer looks and even better equity.

log home loft flooring
log home stairs

Our loft flooring is a premium select product in tongue and groove, and is standard on all models. Our premium railing is peeled and assembled.

log home dining room

Glen designed and built this log stairset, now a standard full log, precut stringer set, and half log treads, with railing, to complete this Cascade Lodge. The Character logs are awesome as interior posts, shown here with burned cat faces.

A standard lodge interior, with our standard log stairset, log loft joists, beautiful floors, and colorful logs. This is standard in our packages, but it is anything but standard compared to any other log home company.

Most of our customers prefer a contrast, using sheetrock, tongue and groove, character posts and a mix of stone, log, and T&G.

We like what Peter did on the Kolendich residence, using 2x material for the trim. A little more work, but it did turn out great. This is 10” hand peeled log with a light stain.

This nice grand entry with a simple truss that can be added to any home, and really sets off a Columbia Lodge. Configure yours today.

Although architectural 3d shingles are more popular, metal roofs look nice and as long as you don’t have a lot of kids running around when there is a big snow (dump), they shed the needles and snow best. Notice special fascia.

The interior walls are most commonly done with sheetrock, and with good reason. They really contrast with and complement the natural beauty of wood. This center hall is the Black Bear Chalet.

Troy Pilgeram has some nice character logs in the basement of his Alpine Lodge, and he used log instead of glue-lams to keep the home rustic.

The Kolendich interior is awesome, and the stonework is a whole wall. We like the way Kathleen has made this a real eye catcher in all ways, she has great taste.

Kitchens and dining rooms are a snap with even our smaller homes. We call this a 5/8 loft, where a post extends the loft above, which is cheap square footage, and also makes a nice post on an island or at the end of a U shaped kitchen. Black Bear

Railing is easy, even to a 12/12 pitch & 5/8 Loft.

Dave and Tracy Sandry did a nice job in a short period of time. Dave is a concrete contractor, but his concrete crew set up a 5200 square foot house and 3 car garage in 3 weeks, and to top that off, it was in January in Montana!

Bedrooms are cozy in a log home. Lots of warm wood. Wiring is easy too, and most can be done in just a few hours at the right time, and adaptable. We have this part down. Pinnacle Chalet

Even on a 24’ wide cabin like a Glacier Chalet or BlackBear, the ridge is 21’ up! The interior can be tailored to your taste, with the ceiling being pine as shown, or sheetrock, for about the same money.

Although still needing the deck and basement finishes, as well as trim, this Alpine Lodge is getting close to completion. They chose 11’ walls as well as extending and widening the home 4’, netting them over 4600’. They easily have 200% equity, their home worth twice what they have in it. Now there is another reason to choose Lazarus Log Homes.

The Lodges can incorporate big glass for low cost, and the low e windows we provide keep the uv down and the light in. To the right, the T&G ceiling sets off the upper loft, the tile is optional (we provide beautiful solid 2” thick T&G floors, and 1” on the main), we can remove windows and doors, as well as flooring very easily to suit any taste.

log stair railing
sundown loft 350
BlackBear 9in inside 350

General construction pictures below.

chalet stair set log home
basement stairs for a log home
log house entry

This is a rec. room basement for a home in Whitefish built by Glen Prestegaard, and shows a simple, inexpensive functional fireplace insert with river rock & aggregate hearth, with log mantle that he did in just 2 days. This is a great alternative to expensive walls of rock, and it is light. Material was under 1600. total including the stove insert.

electrical half log

The electrical outlets are run on the first whole log (or half log starter, shown), drilled on site though the floor in a morning, and are wired later. We have a slick way that is fast with no wires showing

bay window log home

This is a bay window area (dining room) made from a $60. slab of spruce, and with all materials including windows, was less than 550. About half a pre-made bay. Labor to do the base, roof and trim was 23 hours. Makes a lot of sense, really. to each his own!

Dave modified his Columbia Lodge model to include a larger deck, front window design changes, 3 car garage, a mirrored floorplan, etc. It is close to completion here.

Glen designed this remarkably innovative and strong spiral staircase, and together with Thor, his brother, built this prototype model for a customer in Montana, and now we have done many. Ask for one in your kit. They take longer to set up, but cost about the same money as a log stairset from us. You save thousands here from our competition.

These lodge shots above and below look way different, same style home, just different stairways to suit different customers.

best burl wood for log post in a log cabin
log home spiral staircase stairset
loft bedroom log cabin
basement concrete stain log cabin luxury

Glen, and his son, Jacob, sprayed this concrete floor with acrylic stain in 5 colors, spraying about a 3’ section with a base color (fawn) at a time, then spraying and spitting 4 other colors out of small spray bottles, some heavy to get the mottled granite look. The stain and clear coats cost less than .50 per foot. Pretty incredible if you have about 3 hours to tape it off (1800 sq. ft. slab), 2 hours to stain it, and 2 hours for each clear-coat (for 2 people). You need a lot of clear or it can peel off so we recommend 4 coats.

Cascade great room Lazarus Log Home

One thing that is awesome is our standard package looks like it costs a fortune, but this log home (above and to your right), was built, using all standard Lazarus materials (slightly upgraded doors), for about 80 bucks a square foot, hiring out labor to subcontractors (owner acted as the general contractor) -most of our homes are built that way. Log homes with a loft and basement, whether the basement is finished or not, cost the least per square foot, and the larger the home of the same design, the cheaper the square foot cost. The most expensive home per square foot is a small one, and on one floor! I know that sounds crazy, but things like water, power, and septic aren't really changing much, and the most expense you have is in the roof, exterior wall, and the foundation, so we try to advise based on your budget, what you like, and start to try to get the two opposites (your budget and your dream home), to come closer together! That is the trick. This is not hard, it is common sense. When you have done over 1400 turn key estimates on our log homes, you can help estimate real costs quickly.

The bottom shots here are of extreme character fire-killed logs, used for an entry into a home. The logs show nice qualities you cannot find unless you have the super old, dry, slow growth logs that we use on a daily basis. These logs are perfect for exactly this use! Nowhere else than near Glacier National Park in Montana, and just a few miles south of Canada! Alpine windswept ridges!

Cascade kitchen lazarus log home

You can have big custom log beams, or GluLam beams (shown), for the same price. These materials are standard in our packages. The super hard fir floors are also included. This custom spruce countertop on the island was cut at our mill, laminated on site (2 - 2’ wide x 3” thick x 10’ long slabs glued together, side by side) and the bonus is that is cost less than a hundred bucks! The custom cabinetry with solid walnut and distressed white top with soft close doors was done nearby for 50% less than Lowe’s, and the granite top was installed for a song (picked up installed at auction). We don’t sell cabinets or appliances, but usually can help advise on what to get if needed, and show you all costs in our turn key estimate, so you can see all labor costs, additional things you need to complete your home (to help you budget).

This is an enlarged Cascade with a covered porch over the deck sides, a sunroom and gazebo on top of that, on a daylight (walkout) type basement.

Here is a lodge style home, with 4 extra rows of logs for the loft, a grand entry gabled dormer with a truss over the entry porch, and a couple of character logs for posts (columns) that have some burned cat faces with some extra character.













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