Custom Log Home Cabin Kits with Free 3D Design

This is the best time to build a new log home. Interest rates are still low. Labor is more plentiful and of higher quality than during the housing boom. The best part is that we can custom design your log home package to be your exact log home design, and offer it at below wholesale. We sell log home kits direct to the public, whether you are a log home builder, first time log home owner, want to build your first log home yourself and with friends, or want to hire most of the log home construction out, do what you can, and get the best quality product and design, at the absolute lowest cost. Lazarus Log Homes has the highest quality, most complete, and lowest cost log home packages and kits there are, period. We have a comprehensive construction guide, full plans, and tech support, all free! Congratulations…you found us!

We not only bid our materials, but cost out the remainder to help you with determining your budget for your new home. We help you estimate water, septic, power, utilities, and estimate every hour of labor from the foundation to the finish, as well as all other materials you will need to purchase to compete the home. Most banks require a turn-key estimate, plans, and a bid for log home kit materials, and we give you these so financing the rest of your log home construction loan or equity based loan is much easier, and less stressful. If you have cash, you want to know what everything else is going to cost as well, all common sense.

Our logs are very unique. We use high elevation, completely dry logs that were dried naturally from forest fires and died on windswept alpine ridges, found only in our area. Our unique climate means tighter growth rings (longer winters), denser, harder wood (slow growth high elevation timber), and lightweight logs, as they are fully dry. We don’t kill live trees, and kiln dry them and call that dry like many of our competitors. That is not dry. Our log walls settle far less, are easier to handle during construction, are fully checked (stain penetrates dry, fully checked and finished logs the best), have way less maintenance (our methods work best), as we have researched specific stains, processes, and timing so you don’t have all the problems associated with other log home manufacturers using wood and methods that only cover up problems from them not using dry, fully seasoned logs in their log home kits. Our log walls are stronger, as each row of logs is glued to the one below, lag bolted, as well as screwed, so when you have hard, dry logs, and use our methods, there is no stronger log wall in the log home industry.

Custom Log Home Designs With Photographs
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Cascade Grande Prow interior with fir flooring
log home kitchen island live edge slab
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Ponderosa lodge loft nice log balcony with SPF 2x6 T&G flooring
Beautiful log cabin homes
Sundown Chalet log home kit materials package glass prow

We can help you select a good plan to start from, and then help you custom design the home to be exactly what you want, and the most important thing…to KEEP IT WITHIN YOUR BUDGET! We have over 750 designs that are not on our website, that we can start from, so we can get very close very quickly. We can help you with getting a little more eye appeal in your design, and offer you options that keep within your budget. You can build the very best log home for you, and the best part, is that you can do this cheaper than a framed home, and have it be worth twice as much, so you create equity, get the home you want, on the property you want! No other log home company can give you all our services for free, delivery a product with even near this quality (at any price), and offer the amazing huge character posts and beams that come standard on EVERY LOG HOME KIT. See for yourself. Click on all the colored buttons on top, and you will learn what you need to learn. Thanks and enjoy.

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