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The Adirondack Chalet

Some of our customers want the flat interior walls, non-settling concept, and still have all the log appeal, accents, character posts and beams, and log stairs/railing, where the home looks and feels like a real log home in most every way. This design is also efficient, and the open floorplan, lots of glass and great curb appeal make this home a no-brainer to start your customization from! This hybrid log sided home package is about 218K, as shown, including basement materials in our package, and includes the larger 9” Swedish coped and peeled logs! Figure about 5-6K cheaper without basement materials. Right now, during covid and price fluctuations in the lumber market, this is higher priced than normal, by a fair margin, but as prices again stabilize (hopefully), the price will fall substantially. Final price depends on log wall size, lumber and materials market at time of purchase, and your customized design.   Click here to get back to the “HYBRIDS” Carousel

28x40 Sundown 3D Rear view
28x52-9 Adirondack Main floor layout framed log home
28x52-9 Adirondack Loft for log sided home
hybrid log sided log home loft 500
Bob helped us design his perfectly executed Adirondack Chalet, a log home in most every way, except the framed exterior walls. Same materials as our normal log home packages, but log beams, and our exclusive full profiled log siding on the outside, combined with the features of a true log home, make this home unique, and of the highest quality materials.
This Adirondack Chalet was built in Arizona, and was primarily done by the owner himself. Nice job Bob! A few more siding boards (ours are full profile finished log blanks, and we have the large character posts and beams, and the homes feature our beautiful T&G floors and ceilings, log railing, stairs, exterior trim, decks, soffit and fascia.
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