The Alpine Meadow Valley Chalet

Some of our customer want an even wider home, with good length, and extra glass up front. They want each room a foot wider than the standard chalet, then they ask for a sexy gable dormer in the loft on the side, so you can walk out on a master bedroom deck, and have it covered. They want another big dormer so there is tons of room for a big bath and closet in the upstairs master suite. This is not too much to ask for! Lots of covered wrap around deck, big dormers, exterior balcony with truss, put it on a basement, or leave it on the ground, depending on your site, and enjoy one of the coolest designs here. Lots of curb appeal, as you can see, and well worth the price tag. Get ready to stare up 25’ at the ridge log from the main floor, something a picture just can’t show. As shown, without a basement, is around $199K as shown on a daylight basement. The final price depends on your final design and current lumber market at the time of bid, 9” wall logs shown, available in smaller 7” 8”, 9”, 10”, and 12” log sizes. 3096 Sq. Ft. 5 bedroom, 3 bath on a basement, call us to configure

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Alpine Meadow with dormers background
30x40 Alpine Meadow Main
30x40 Alpine Meadow Loft
30x40 9in Basement
Alpine Meadow at night
The Alpine Meadow Valley is a big chalet with lots of glass and big back dormers, walkout balconies, and wrap around decks that sport amazing curb appeal
Alpine Meadow under construction Bart
Even under construction in Colorado, this home on a mountain lake looks awesome.
Large natural ridge and center post logs from lazarus
When character logs arrive, you have to lay your hands on them in awe, as Bart and here Deb does. Our signature is awesome logs nobody has.
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