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The Alpine Glow Chalet

The Alpine Glow Chalet (formerly the AlpinGlow Chalet) has always represented the mid-sized Chalet market design well. We have sold dozens of these homes, mostly on a basement, but all different. With a big open floorplan, high ceilings, more room, and almost always curb appeal to anyone (except a stiff) haha! This log home design is easy to customize, and you can have the 2 bedrooms in the loft, or on the main floor. Some like the balcony to be all the way up to the glass (3/4 loft), others like it squared off (1/2 loft), and many like a 5/8 loft, where it steps forward over the kitchen, and either angles to the wall, or has a post down to the island or U-shaped counter of the kitchen below. All designs are amazing. This log home package is priced just over 132K, and that is with big 10” Swedish coped and peeled logs! We have 7″, 8, 9, 10 and 12” available for this home and others. Huge character posts and beams inside as well, like all our homes. Final price depends on log wall size, lumber and materials market at time of purchase, and your customized design. 1806 Sq. Ft. 3 bedroom, 3 bath- for bsmt, back up and scroll right Click here to get back to the “CHALETS” Carousel

28x40 Alpine Glow has a great mid size log home feel
28x40 Alpine Glow 3D Rear
28x40 Alpine Glow Main
28x40 Alpine Glow Loft
log cabin package from lazarus with shed roof dormer on full underground basement
This Alpine Glow Chalet has an optional shed roof dormer, only about 3K more, and really makes the loft even larger.
Alpine Glow three quarter loft 800
this 3/4 loft options adds a lot of square footage, and you can see they even added a larger shed dormer on this model on the right side.
28 wide chalet interior 500
This Chalet has the half loft standard model, so the dining area is open, as well as the whole kitchen and living area. The loft logs cover part of the kitchen
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