The Antler Valley Chalet

Many of our customers have a sloping lot, or even dig for a basement on level ground. Some put the basement halfway into the ground, whatever you choose, you are getting inexpensive square footage, extra bedrooms and rec rooms, a big utility room that can double as a laundry room, and are now talking about over 2500 square feet, for very little extra money. Many are now using the ICF forms (insulated concrete forms), which double as insulating walls, also, you can hang your sheetrock directly to the foam, as they have internal framing you can screw to every 8” across the whole wall. Many step the sides down, where you frame the front wall, have 3 sides of concrete, or even step the concrete down 2 or more times down the side walls, with framing on top for a basement. Open floorplan, 23’ ceiling off the main floor, room for guests, what else do you need? 8” Swedish coped logs, all hand finished, and massive character posts and beams, and still the price as shown: appx. $121K, Final bid price depends on log wall size, lumber and materials market at time of purchase, and your customized design. We offer this model in 7”, 8”, 9”, 10” and 12″ full log wall sizes, all other materials are the same on our homes. Back up and Click to the right for this plan on a basement, and farther yet for more options. Click here to get back to the “CHALETS” Carousel

Antler Valley Log home package design efficiency
28x36 Antler Valley 3D Rear
28x36 Antler Valley Main
28x36 Antler Ridge Loft Web
28x36 Antler Valley Base
8 Antler Ridge Chalet with truss and Alpine Glass
This Antler Valley Chalet has vertical truss logs for glass (same money option), and a big log truss for the front deck (ask for price). High elevation snowload too.
Antler Ridge Chalet log home fir flooring
The Antler Ridge interior sports our colorful logs, beautiful flooring (included with all models), and this one sports a 3/4 loft option (ask for price).
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