The Hunter Cabin w/Loft & Roof truss

The Camp cabin w/Loft and truss has some definite extras than many want. Sleep several extra in the loft (a log ladder is supplied), still have some room for the main living area and a private bedroom bonus. The covered porch is great for snow or rain, as this baby has it all in a small package. This log home package is right at 33K, as shown on a slab that doubles as a patio up front (add about 5K for floor structure, flooring and deck materials), and includes 7” Full Swedish coped and peeled logs. Final price depends on log wall size, foundation type, lumber and materials market at time of purchase, and your customized design.   Click here to get back to the “CABINS” Carousel

small 16x20 log cabin remote hunter camp resort
16x20 Garn House 3D Colorado
16x20 Camp Cabin Main (1) layout log design
16x20 Camp Cabin Loft layout
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