The Cascade Big Meadows Lodge

Many, many folks like the Cascade lodge. This design was conceived by one of our customers, and they wanted more headroom near the sides of the loft, for closets, baths and bedrooms, they also added 2 rows of logs, so the whole loft gets kicked up so you can have taller ceilings as well on the main floor. You have excellent window views and ventilation with this model easily, as in the loft, you have views in all directions. Covered decks front and back make this home low maintenance. The garage is attached, and practical, as the open floorplan, the excellent use of space really work with this design. This log home package is right at $278K, as shown, including basement materials in our package, and includes the larger 9” Swedish coped and peeled logs! This beautiful home boasts 3579 sq. ft. Figure about 6-8K cheaper without basement materials. Final price depends on log wall size, lumber and materials market at time of purchase, and your customized design.   Click here to get back to the “LODGES” Carousel

Cascade Lodge Lofted 3d design of a log home kit
Cascade Lodge lofted with covered decks and wrapped porches log cabin package
24x48 Cascade Main floorplan best log home with garage
24x48 Cascade Loft popular log cabin design
24x48 Cascade Basement floorplan log home design
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