We produce an easy to follow, complete construction guide to building one of our log homes, starting at the concrete. Whether you are a seasoned professional log home builder, or have never even built a framed garage, but can read plans and a tape, and have some normal tools, you can build one of these. We want you to read this, and build it the way it shows. If you can come up with some way to build that is better (in any way), to building our homes, we will give you a hundred bucks. Trust us. Follow the plans first, and see how to build in our guide. The guide is 30 pages, here are only a handful for you too see.

Construction Guide best log home guide in the log home industry

We work with you on the ship date, so you are ready, and help you stage the delivery so you get the materials you need to get started on the first truck (floor stuff, posts, beams and starting logs) to get going, then the second truck arrives a few days later, etc. so you don’t have too much on site at one time, etc. You can get them all at once, or stage the trucks.

Log package arrival construction

All logs are marked with markings. Some are the same, and can be used in any order of the stack, some are only for one location, and we provide a “log order” that has detailed descriptions of the log, and where it goes in the home. The logs are wrapped and stacked in units of like length and type, and character logs are on top of the load unwrapped for safely transporting and unloading. Lumber is wrapped. THE REST OF THE PICTURES BELOW ARE SOME RANDOM PAGES WE PICKED TO HELP YOU SEE MORE OF THE COMING GUIDE.

Log indentification page in the construction guide
Foundation page construction guide
floor structure page
Construction Guide windows and doors
Construction Guide building log gable ends
Construction Guide lagging logs
Construction Guide windows and doors
details of log home construction
Rim building floor structure construction with ICF forms on log home
We include the basement center bearing walls, treated, floor framing, and up. We have a double solid rim, with spacer as shown.
Logs are turned, swedish coped, end trimmed, notched, and then hand peeled for the best finish
Sundown to loft level under construction
We can combine vertical logs with horizontal stacked logs, and no settling jacks. Dry seasoned logs are best.
Natural character log posts for massive support of a big log home
Our character logs posts are big. The beams can be GlueLam or log, customer choice. There are several crews that are independent that travel and can set up your log home package, depending on your area. One that had done the most homes for our customers we always recommend is Frank Bachman. He does a good job, is fast, and comes in on budget!
Shawn Price is an amazing general contractor recommended by Lazarus in NW Montana area
We cater to the general contractor, a subcontractor, or a homeowner/builder, no matter. Here a builder is also the general, and on his 3rd Lazarus Log Home package at another job already. If you are in or near the Flathead Valley, call Shawn Price Construction. We like him! There are many we recommend, depending on your location.
3D Section for web log cabin
A cutaway does help a little, but our packages are so complete, you basically have what you need to be dry with trim outside, and much of the inside is there, less the partition wall framing and trim against those walls. click here or on the pic above for a sample of our materials.
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