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Glen Prestegaard

Call Glen at 406-730-2222 or

Toll Free 877-712-4193

Fax 406-730-2221


PO Box 671, Whitefish, MT 59937

South Idaho Office

Ron Juhnke

Call Ron at 208-362-3343 or

Toll Free 800-362-1711

Fax 208-922-6792


7233 Desert Ave, Boise, ID 83709

Thor “Tor” Prestegaard

Call Thor at 509-279-0395 or

Toll Free 800-893-9576

Fax 509-279-0396


PO Box 2996, Post Falls, ID 83877

The main reason for our success is our relationship with the Good Lord. We will conduct our business with you in a trustworthy and ethical manner, and have been growing at hyper speed to prove it. Glen and Carrie just celebrated their 33nd anniversary this year, and enjoy time with Jacob, Kaleb, Judah & Kirsten, and grandsons Ezekiel and Wolf. Ron is Glen & Thor’s brother in law (also, being an engineer helps!), and Jacob, our Architectural designer, is Glen’s son, as well as is Kaleb, quality control and final tally at the mill. Family First!

Our large mill is in Northwestern Montana. The offices are located in Whitefish, Montana and Boise, Idaho. All calls will be directed to the offices, as our mill does not work with the public to be efficient (except in certain shipping instances). We are on Mountain Standard Time (Thor, in Idaho, is Pacific Time Zone). If you call after hours, please leave a message on voice mail and we will call you back. Our main office and model is in Whitefish at 5088 Whitefish Stage Rd. Please get an appointment before arriving, as we are busy and want to be efficient as well as courteous with whoever we are spending any time with. First time callers are encouraged to call the Boise office first with general questions. If you are a caller needing help and Ron (in Boise) is busy, call the main office.  We work best by email and the phone, as we can save you more money by getting close to what you want quickly with these methods. We do not have a catalog or brochure (to be efficient and save you money), as we have a great website, and can email hundreds of plans too, but yes, we can work with those without the internet if necessary.  Mail: Box 671, Whitefish, MT 59937, Fax designs if possible with information to 208-922-6792. You can email too (see contact page). Please call the Idaho Sales Office (Ron at 208-362-3343) if you are a first time caller for ballpark info

From the Left: Grandpa Ed Prestegaard (in heaven now), Thor Prestegaard, Eric Prestegaard, Kaleb Prestegaard, Ron Junke, Cole Pelican, Jacob Prestegaard, Judah Prestegaard, Glen Prestegaard
Easter goofball log home people

A good shot of some of the crew at Lazarus (a couple here are just family having Easter dinner), but it was nice to get a shot of Thor and Ron in there (who you probably will work with), Ron is in the back on the left, then Glen, then Thor, Carrie is in the center between grandmothers, Jacob is on the right with his wife, Kaleb up high, and a few who also work at the mill and go to college or high school, a girlfriend, spouses, moms, Krull- the husky/wolf, etc. FAMILY FIRST! You can tell we are all “spazzez”, but hey, we love life, love each other, and would love to do business with you!

Glen Prestegaard family and sibling with relatives on easter

Another year at Easter Dinner 2019, another bunch of hooligans having fun. A few of us are missing, a few others showed up this Easter Weekend. Had fun, ate large (Lamb and Ham), drank some ale and wine, had an Easter Egg hunt, helped the girls get more comfortable with some target practice against the hill (before the wine!), cleaned up the yard, modified the Mustang, ran the dogs, fed horses, chickens, ducks, fish, made several store runs, made a big mess, etc. you know, normal stuff people in Montana (and everywhere) do. Again, family first!

Jacob Prestegaard is our Architectural Designer. He was building computers and Microsoft certified at 10 years old. He started college at 16, already having designed over 50 homes in ArchiCAD, the premier 3D program. Now, at close to 1000 log homes designed, he is our go-to guy for designing your log home. Fast, efficient, and tons of experience for a young man in his early 30s. He has a beautiful wife and 2 sons, and lives near parents Glen and Carrie, as well as brother Kaleb, in Whitefish. Other brother Judah is engineering in Conneticut.

Kaleb Prestegaard is our Quality Control and Tallyman at our Large Customized Log Home Mill. Kaleb could do most anything he set his mind/body to. We used to call him TazMan, because he would spin around and tear things up when he was a kid! He was an outstanding pole vaulter and wrestler. After college, we reeled him in (he loves fishing) to work hard (he is one tough kid, throws logs all day), if we can get him away from hunting (his other passion). He built his own log home on the river in Whitefish, now he just needs to find the right girl and settle down…still a bachelor in his late 20s…haha!

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