Log Home Custom Exterior Design

Fully custom exterior log home design for FREE. Arrow to see pics sent by customers, scroll down and see options & information. 

Below are sample interiors and some information on each picture that will help.

Log cabins & chalets often have covered porches, as you have to on the sides for snow, but many choose the covered front deck with truss, no snow on decks!
Glacier Grande Chalet small cabin glass layout
Front glass is about the same price as log, so some want more glass, some less. Log hold heat much better, but you want to split that with natural light.
Custom log cabin design yellowstone 32x44 material package
This customer widened the log home design he started with, then wrapped the porch, then added a huge customer dormer with windows on top of the gabled entry in the middle of a shed roof covered deck. Turned out awesome
log cabin addition match logs to house
A customer near Glacier National Park wanted to keep his original cabin, so we custom designed swedish coped logs the size he needed to match, and created purlins that were full length to match as well. He did the work himself. Nice, Gib!
Ponderosa lodge log package grand entry with garage
Some like to add a garage to a log home design, basically any of our log cabin homes can have an attached garage, in full or full profile log siding (shown)
entry log truss portico 500
This Lodge Log Home model has a grande entry dormer with drive through portico (just starting it) and sports really big entry character logs. The customer flew to our mill and picked them out himself. You are welcome to do the same.
cascade lodge metal roof log package plan 500
Any model home can have a garage added, whether log profile siding, like this one (matches up to the full log), or full log garages, whether attached or separate.
Antler ridge log home layout
Many want customized front glass. This Antler Ridge Chalet model sports tall windows, with horizontal logs up front, instead of log posts like the Chalet to the left, about the same money either way. This one has a small gabled entry, instead of a shed roof, a slight bit smaller, but the same money option as a side porch.
Cascade exterior Log House Design double deck
One of our customers had a very steep lot. He had to extend his posts even farther down the hill for his deck, then he decided to add a lower deck. Worked perfectly.
24x32 glacier loft layout cabin
Many of our chalets have half lofts, some 5/8ths, and this is a 3/4, where we cover the dining room side, and it is super cheap square footage, and still have 23' up.
back view of log cabin with a roof dormer
A chalet is perfect for a shed dormer off the ridge, one or both sides. They create extra space for bathrooms or a master suite in the loft. This size is about 3K more.
Kaleb highlander log home design front truss
This Highlander Ranch model has character logs for the deck posts, and for the truss. The large entry posts are standard. Character posts and our turned and peeled deck posts have a similar cost, but the deck takes a little longer to build.
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