FREE Custom Log Home Design Services

Our goal is to design a home that is exactly what you want, while coaching you with options all while keeping within your budget. Most all Lazarus Log Home customers take advantage of our custom log home design services. We email and call and within hours or days, going back and forth, we work on your custom log home design until you are happy. 

The most efficient and cost effective is to start with any of our custom log home designs, but there is no problem with a log home or framed home design that we look at that you provide, re-design and modify if needed to come up with exactly what you are thinking. We have the strongest, least expensive and best customized log home designs – of course, but we like to see what you like, follow your link or lead, and can come up with something real quick that is better for you, and looks like what you want, and we will explain why, so that you know you are making the best decision you can for yourself.

We always try to approximate the final costs using samples of what we have done in the past with similar homes, so you have a good idea of what the total cost (excluding land) will be. Our final bid is based on the exact material needed for your custom log cabin design, with extra in the percentage of materials needed, not too much, not too little, so that you get what you need. Our premium materials help keep costs down (all the same quality material, just different quantity, to every home- except the custom character posts and beams of course, as some are hand picked by our customers, and each is unique). We count all lumber, beams, logs, railing, etc. We have this down, so your builder is not running back and forth to get stuff he never counted in the first place correctly, and charges you for it!

Over 400 custom log kit designs
Easily Design Your Own Dream Log Kitchen

We have a full time staff architectural designer who has done hundreds of personalized, custom log home designs, all in 3D, and all ours. We are not paper tigers, but builders and designers that care about costs, and design with efficiency in mind. We have had many models engineered as required by some counties (this is optional), per that specific property with snow loads, seismic, sheer, and other loads all calculated and stamped. Engineering is extra if required, and is about .75 or $1. per square foot. We can electronically send the file to them immediately, and each time it needs to be engineered specifically on that lot, with an engineer licensed in that state (even if engineered before). Engineering is not required or done unless ordered by you, or demanded by your county, and is at your cost. We fully do the structural plans, and do not charge for that, nor for any changes dues to high loads possibly in your area, and we update our materials bid and plansets to reflect any necessary changes that affect the materials we supply. Usually, they are not changing our logs, only rafter frequency, hold-downs, concrete, things that are specific to your area even on framed homes. We work with an engineer that is licensed in all 50 states if needed, or you can use your own.

We go over options when custom designing your log home, and try to offer good bang for the buck, so when certain log home design changes will be costly in materials or labor, we try to suggest other options. Most interior walls and window combinations do not affect the structure, and we can open up areas using beams instead of bearing walls, at little or no cost difference, for example. Almost all our floorplans have an open concept. Our goal is to get you into the most beautiful log home kit, design your custom log home to be worry free, that has the square footage you need, the right layout, and the curb appeal, as well as having the best functionality, but most of all, easy on the pocketbook, the bottom line.

Print out a log home plan. Mark it up. Send it to us by mail, fax it, email it, send it by your phone from a picture of a napkin drawing, whatever! We will send you back the floorplans, a couple of nice full color 3D images of the new log home design, and you get it in a few days, not a month like most others. Elevations in 2D just cannot show what a full color 3D image can show (like we have).

log home kitchen island live edge slab

When you know an approximate number of what the package costs, and an approximate number of the turn key estimate to build the home on your lot, using what labor and site work you bring to the table, we will bid our materials, and then we have an accurate number. We send you a bid, a turn key estimate (if needed for financing), and a sales agreement by email. When you sign it, and send in the deposit, we produce a full construction set of plans will details and cross sections, etc., and print a couple full size copies along with a PDF within a week or two, so you can get started with the concrete while we produce your new log home kit.

If you need the home engineered, we can bid it and get it going on the schedule with the signed agreement and deposit, get it engineered right away (about 2-3 weeks), and update any materials affected with a small change order, if needed. The design fee is free in that we require a $1500 plan deposit (100% toward the purchase), and then we finalize the drawings, produce the full construction set, and forward that to the engineer. The engineer updates and stamps the drawings, we produce a new bid, and then send you a sales agreement. The $1500 completely goes toward the log home package, as part of the deposit. We do not charge for plans, we only want to make sure if we are fully designing it, that we are not wasting our time, and that you are serious, you just want to make sure it works on your lot, or that the county will approve the engineered set. Design is 100% free with purchase, just to be clear.

If you do not own property, but are just trying to put a package together for the bank with land and the construction of a new log home, we do not customize the plans to the same extent. We can only do minimal design changes to current designs, as a custom design without property is pointless, as foundations, footprints, etc. change, even if you know the property in question very well.

big grand portico entrace to a log home with 2 car drive up

One of the reasons we try to verbally estimate based on the current design is to help you keep costs in check. Everyone, and I mean everyone, wants a home nicer than they can afford! This is the challenge, to keep you informed of the current log home design, the costs associated, adjust that several times, all the while working on the plan to make it work for you. Take all the time you want. We will move as fast or slow as you need. If you are not sure, and just need more info, fine, let us know and we will give more general information. If you are sure, and just want the right log home design, and need that to fit the budget, we can more fine tune what you need to know to adjust some of the options to make the same home smaller, take off deck, add a portico or dormer, fancy entry, whatever, or just move rooms around (that is not really affecting price much at all). Anyway, we are here to help. Give us a call now and we can get started helping you, browse the website more to get more information, then call, or just relax, look our site over, and learn as much as you can!

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