The Glacier Grande Chalet

Some like a smaller footprint chalet, with lots of covered deck, a front log truss supporting an open front and back porch, and even a sunroom on the side. Starting with the Elkhorn Chalet, you can tell one of our customers really punched up the curb appeal and functionality of outside living in this chalet! We like the big decks, and the sunroom and truss really make this one pop. They added an extra row of logs for extra height, and dropped the roof pitch from 12/12 to 10/12. The loft is a ¾, so this baby is bigger too, at 1140 square feet! You can easily put another bedroom and bathroom in the large loft, and the package price won’t go up. As shown, the price is around $111K, which is a jump from a normal Glacier Chalet, but there is lots of wrapped, covered deck, the trusses, sunroom, more footage, and all the bells and whistles you really want, ready to go! If on a basement, figure about another 4K for those materials needed down there. The final price depends on your final design and current lumber market at the time of bid, 8” wall logs shown, available in smaller 7”, 8”, larger 9”, 10”, and 12” log sizes.  Click here to get back to the “CHALETS” Carousel

log cabin with sunroom
24x28 Glacier Chalet 3D
24x28 Glacier Chalet Main
24x28 Glacier Chalet Loft floorplan
Glacier Grande Chalet small cabin glass layout
The front glass on this smaller cabin is amazing, and you have lots of deck as well
24x32 glacier loft
What we call a 3/4 loft is super efficient and cheap square footage. walk right up to the front glass, and the balcony is over the dining area, open to the living room.
34 loft 24x32 Glacier Chalet log cabin lofted
This customer put some T&G on the wall to the loft to separate that area into an amazing bedroom. Looking great, and nice color on included floor, logs and ceiling
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