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The Lakeview Lodge

The Lakeview Lodge is a widened lodge, which gives each room 2′ more room that the Cascade or Alpine Lodges, and without the V-prow front glass like the Cascade, as many really like the look of the prow on this model (a bigger Alpine Lodge). The home gives more room on all 3 floors, so at 4038 square feet, you can stretch out a little, have some more combinations (like 4 loft bedrooms, 4 basement bedrooms and a master, for 9 bedrooms! Most pick and choose the areas for office, workout room, media room, etc. and this does a good job with a great layout for anyone. Also, there is more room in the loft, as when you go 4′ wider, the roof is 2′ higher for a 25′ ceiling, so more loft room usable too. We priced this home with the big 10″ logs for the walls, and this sports massive character posts and beams, so tons of curb appeal here. Most pick really big entry side posts, so it impresses on both sides of the home. The model is available in 8″, 9″, 10″, and 12″ logs. This log home package is right at $209K, as shown, including basement materials we normally include in our package, Figure about 6-8K cheaper without basement materials. Final price depends on log wall size, lumber and materials market at time of purchase, and your customized design.   Click here to get back to the “LODGES” Carousel

Lakeview on basement is a nice log home package background
28x48 Lakeview Lodge 3D Rear
Lakeview on basement is a nice log home package background
28x48 Lakeview Lodge Loft
28x48 Lakeview Lodge Loft
Lazarus Lakeview Lodge Log Package
This Lakeview Lodge is in Alberta, Canada, and getting close to completion. Looking great.
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