The Lewis & Clark Lodge

This beautiful lodge design utilizes the base idea of the Alpine Lodge, only we stretched the length by 4’ (left to right), and made it wider by 2’ (depth- top to bottom), along with slightly narrowing the prow (20’ wide, now 18’), so there is a lot more room in the kitchen, dining area, master bed/bath, and the same areas above grew. We added a sunroom, a nice entry gabled log truss over a deck, and speaking of deck…lots of it, 706’, with 378’ covered! We added a row to the walls, used 10” logs, and added a couple of nice looking gable dormers in the roof, with a super long 52’ shed dormer on the entry side, making most all the loft have tons of headroom. This design is 2521’ of luxury log home living. Let’s customize your home today. You can see one of our customers had fun getting exactly what they like, and so can you. This home is priced at $237K, as shown, with a final price depending on the rising lumber market at the time of purchase, and your exact custom design. Logs on this home are big 10”, but can be 9 or 12” as well, and this home can easily be modified to be on a basement. As shown, is 2 bedroom, 2.5 baths, but can be 5 bedroom, 3 baths easily with only interior wall changes.   Click here to get back to the “LODGES” Carousel

26x52 Lewis and Clark Lodge with dormers no basement
26x52 Lewis and Clark Lodge 3D Rear
26x52 Lewis and Clark Lodge with dormers no basement
26x52 Lewis & Clark Loft idaho
Lewis and Clark Lodge log home 3d view front prow with dormers
The Lodge is a work of art. the larger gable dormers on the front side with one side covered porch is a unique and amazing log home design.
Entry side of full shed dormer Alpine Lodge cabin
On the entry side, nice character posts and entry truss, along with a sunroom, full length shed dormer, and covered side porch accent this log home.
Inside of an Lewis and Clark Lodge log home living area 500
Inside, big character logs, large center loft area, and room everywhere to stretch out and relax, or get wild and entertain once in a while.
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