*Highest Quality Materials on the Market

*Lowest Prices in the World
*Beautiful Custom Designed Log Homes

Custom Designed Log Homes with Floor Plans & Prices

 We have over 800 designs for log home kits, only about 70 on the website, so pick the closest log cabin model to what you are liking in design and cost (to fit your budget), and we can start there on your own custom log house package

Chalet House Kits

Chalet Style Homes

Mid-sized log cabin, rectangular shape, main floor with half to full lofts, some on basements

28x48 Ponderosa 3D Front view of the log cabin

Lodge Style Homes

Larger log homes with a wider shape, some have flat or v-prow shapes, some basements

24x56 Highlander 3D Front 350

Ranch Style Homes

Single story log home designs, everything on one floor, some have basements or center lofts

Residential Size Homes

Cabins and Retreats

Smaller log cabins, some with lofts, some ranch style on one floor, some on basements

Cape Cod Log Kit Floor Plan Layouts

Cape Cod Style Homes

Mid sized rectangular log cabins, main and loft floors, usually with gable dormers, big porches

Lodge Style Log Home Kit on Full Above Ground Basement

Custom Larger Homes

We help custom design your own log home, using your sketch or drawing, and we modify free.

Easy to Build High End Log Edifice Manufacturers

Commercial Buildings
Large and Small

Log or Hybrid framed hotels, log businesses buildings, log shops. We customize them, large or small

Affordable High Quality Log Shop Building Package Kit

Shops, Garages
and Barns

single to 20 car log garages, small or large log barns, log shops for commercial or private use

Depending on your needs, customizing a log home kit is easy and fast. Log Cabins come in all shapes. Some are more efficient, as the larger the home with the same design, the lower the cost to build per square foot. More corners on your home mean more cost. More roof lines on a log cabin design mean more cost to build. We design lots of log homes, all different, as each person likes different things about a home, has different needs, wants curb appeal, but has an idea in their heads what a log home should look like…their own log home. We make that happen. We don’t try to sell you a log home design. Each home we do is customized to each customers needs. We have done some homes close to 50 times, all different in several areas. Nobody is wrong. That is why they make cars in different styles and colors. To each his own…we get that. Complete custom log home design, free. Nothing you don’t need, everything you need. you get it your way!

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