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The Cascade Lodge

The Cascade Lodge is our most popular lodge design, and for good reason. The v-shaped prow lets lots of light in, while still having some super curb appeal and being functional with solar gain in the winter. LowE glass windows keep the sun’s UV rays out, while letting light in. This home typically has larger 10” hand peeled log standard, 8,9” or 12” log walls are available. This is an upgraded model with covered side porches (nice to coffee outside the master suite, and BBQs on the dining side decks). We have lots of combinations for the deck and entry, and can customize this to your liking for free. We priced in a large drive-though portico, so park out of the sun or snow and stay dry, and it also doubles as an awesome entry with giant Hand Crafted entry posts (you can pick your own too!). This can be configured how you like, but here is a 6 bedroom, 3.5 bath home on a daylight basement, and priced as shown, is about $136K for all our package materials. Materials constantly go up, so we bid this home with your custom design, as well as the market and materials at the time of purchase. This home finished ranges from $400K to $550K, including your well, septic, etc, as an approximate turn key estimate, hiring it all out. 3550 square feet of excellence. The best part? Having it worth twice that!

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Our Packages Include (depending on the final plan and materials list customized by you)

We start at the concrete, and include all structural materials, and most trim for a truly complete package


  • Sill Seal foam moisture barrier for concrete to treated plate
  • Treated sill plate for bearing and log walls under main floor
  • 2×6 Douglas Fir basement bearing walls, Handcrafted Massive Character Log posts (if basement)
  • Basement architectural grade GluLam beams or massive Log beams, your choice (if basement)
  • Complete main floor system, using 12” I-joists, mid series flange, LVL openings, or select D-Fir 2x10s or 2x12s per plan
  • Heavy double layer 2x select D-Fir rim
  • Premium rough sawn trim for floor band (all exterior trim is included)!
  • Copper penny metal rain flashing for floor to log connection
  • Weatherproof ¾ T&G subfloor & spacer for flooring below logs, on top of subfloor (extra headroom)
  • Final Main T&G flooring, 1×6” wide, 8-16’ hard D-Fir boards. Just sand lightly and clearcoat 4 coats…hard and awesome!
  • All wall logs, full Swedish coped, hand hewn finish, notched, and trimmed both ends. Lodgepole, the absolute best logs.
  • Full log gable ends (most companies don’t have the exterior wall areas of the loft in log – theirs shrink too much)!
  • Full log structural window areas with flat cuts, and walls with full dimension 2” rough sawn window/door bucks.
  • Center posts are giant massive character logs, hand drawknife peeled, as well as all interior stair posts- character logs!
  • Loft log floor joists are full log, with either interior beams in full log with flats or GluLam beams, per customer choice
  • Loft final flooring, wide 2×6 T&G, SPF for beautiful color, and just lightly sand and clearcoat 4 coats…again, wow!
  • Interior main and loft ceilings in wide, long 1×8 T&G, Ponderosa and Lodgepole (PPLP), the best color and quality found.
  • Interior bearing wall framing included too, in 2×6 select fir, all floors
  • Complete rafter systems and beams, usually 12” I-joists, resting on pitch cut top walls logs, and pitch cut ridge log.
  • Full huge ridge logs, top/sides cut on 3 angles, top for laminated, hidden beam (2 times the strength of just log ridges).
  • Deck materials- log posts, select decking, joists & rim, even rough sawn trim band for against the wall, & on the outside.
  • Complete log stair sets, with full log stringers (jacks) and half log treads, with custom log railing
  • Complete sets of custom peeled railing, inside and outside the home on the balconies, decks, stairs, etc.
  • All roof sheathing, roof fascia trim (wide 1.25” x 13.5” rough sawn), 1x shadow trim, premium soffit (1×8 PPLP T&G)
  • All window and door trim, inside and out, against the log walls.
  • Customized lag bolt, washer and screw package, deck & floor hangers, roof 2x and LVL hangers, steel rafter straps
  • Custom gun and expanding urethane foam (like gorilla glue) for log rows and connections.
  • All windows and exterior doors are included, and we include the softer urethane expanding foam for that.
  • Windows are double pane thermal LowE coated, almond color, lifetime.
  • Exterior doors are insulated steel with primed wood jambs, Prehung hinges and metal sills, optional wood or blinds.
  • We send a customized Lumbermaker (chainsaw attachment) for trimming logs, gable ends, and perfect openings.
  • We include full custom structural plans, our construction guide, and free tech support for you and/or your builder.

Also, here are other turn key items needed to finish the home NOT INCLUDED:

Excavation, site and concrete work, perimeter wall framing in the basement (if part of the concrete wall is framed, or pony wall if on a frost wall), electrical, mechanical, plumbing, fireplaces, cabinets & countertops, appliances, lighting, plumbing fixtures, interior doors, overhead garage doors, roof insulation, interior partition wall framing (best to pick this up locally, doesn’t make sense to ship to you, costs a few hundred- but we do supply all bearing wall interior framing/structural beams), interior wood trim against the interior walls (we can provide if requested, a few hundred more) sheetrock & painting, sealer for interior and exterior log walls & floors, deck screws and any nails (too many types to choose from), roof felt, final metal/shingle roofing, HVAC, and any labor (see exact bid list for what we include, as we modify it for you). You pay actual cost for shipping, we don’t include shipping to have accurate costs to each customer. We don’t pad our bid and say shipping is free. It never is. Our package is always better quality and cheaper delivered anywhere, even China & Alaska. PLEASE FOLLOW OUR SAMPLE TURN KEY TO HELP!

We have free tech support on our packages. We can help with turn key estimates. Get our free construction guide for builders or homeowners who have never built…the best in the business.

We take you from estimating the log home, to designing around your budget (customize), pricing the package, helping you with shipping on your timeline (sometimes this is a biggie), and helping you and your contractor with the needed support.