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AlpinGlow Chalet

This model is a real eye-catcher, and is one of our most popular models. Why? It looks great, it has huge bang-for-the-buck, is easy and fast to build, and the turn-key price is super low. We see these all the time coming in around 75 to 90 bucks a foot, turn keyed on a basement, and they will appraise two to three times that. A great do it yourself home. A little money spent in the kitchen and baths, and they really can knock your eyes out. Huge equity in a big home with a small price. They seem a lot bigger, lots of glass, huge open floor plan with a 23’ ceiling, yes, 23’. Some people put wrap around decks, shed dormers (very popular), and even extend or shrink the home to fit the lot or get the footage they need, or fit the budget. Let’s configure yours the way you want, and get one coming to you right now, take a peek and let us know what you need. Available in different log sizes, as all our homes are, and with 9″ wall logs, without a basement at 1750 sq. ft, is appx. 77K, or on a basement, is 2870′ and appx. 84K as shown under this on the right. Final bid price depends on log wall size, lumber and materials market at time of purchase, and your customized design.

Alpine Glow Chalet, in-ground full basement, shed dormer. This home is finished. The home on the right is on a daylight basement, step-down concrete wall with a framed front basement wall. We custom design every home to be suited to your needs, tastes, and the lot as well. Package as shown with dormer and in ground basement is around 83K, as shown here.

Alpine Glow Chalet, daylight basement, shed dormer, skylights, about 88K

The Model to the left is about 2900’, balcony, double dormer, extended roof with truss. This package is about 97K. in 9” log. 

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Our Packages Include (depending on the final plan and materials list customized by you)

* Starting at the concrete, we include everything structurally (and most trim) that you need to build this full log home – starting at the sill seal, then treated lumber plate, then the complete floor structures – double douglas fir heavy rim joists, either dimensional 2x or I-joist main floor joist system (depending on size and plan), log or laminated beams throughout, (your choice), weatherproof subfloor, beautiful premium 1×8 T&G hard fir main flooring, double kiln dried (just sand and clear it), all 8′-16’ long. 2×6 T&G SPF loft flooring too, over full log floor joists, so you look up at T&G and log joists from the main floor! This is also custom hand selected premium flooring with no wane edges, and is the best floor money can buy for a log home, and since we buy hundreds of thousands of feet of it and use it on all our homes, we can sell it for less, and include it in every package!

* We use massive character posts (big, natural trees) for our king posts in the basement and main floor, up to the roof. We include beautiful peeled and assembled railing for the balcony, stairs and deck. Deck post can be character logs, or accurate turned and then peeled posts, no extra charge.

* All windows are included. These are bid with full low E glass, dual pane insulated almond colored (can be other colors or types optionally) and carry a lifetime warranty. They are shipped to your site after your roof is on, and you have measured all openings (accurate, and the safest way).

* All exterior doors are included, with insulated tempered glass, pre-hung, french or sliding double doors, and full or half glass pre-hung single doors (per plan). Options here include internal blinds, woods, iron, etc.

* Porch rafters in natural rough cut exposed sawn beams, with T&G on top (instead of sheathing), resting on full log header beams. Main roof has lighter, strong I-joist with wide flange, typically an 117/8 x 2.5”, mid series for strength (depends on local snow loads). This allows full R-40 when done in ceiling or R50 or greater with foam. Ridge log is big, with a hidden laminated beam above in the rafter area for triple the ridge strength for heavy snow loads, standard. We now include the interior ceiling of the main roof area in T&G PPLP (ponderosa / lodgepole pine), the best looking wood we have seen (same as our exterior soffit under the roof area).

* We include a special construction adhesive for between each row of logs. This not only strengthens the wall, but also prevents the cope or log from torquing in the wall. This also totally eliminates unsightly chinking and tightens the home. This is like Gorilla glue, a urethane expanding foam, and comes with a gun to make the application fast and cleaner. This is enough for your subfloor and your logs, and we also include the softer window/door foam for around the bucks (window and door frame openings). This seals your log home and makes it tougher too. No movement.

* Zinc coated heavy lag bolts for the logs, with USS flat washers along with special hardened torx head log screws for tight areas, stairs and starter logs. This helps make our walls the strongest log wall on the market.

* Log deck posts for the deck structure, outer double joists and trim band, joists for the deck, metal joist hangers, final select fir decking lumber, all 16’ long and beautiful. Everything you see in the pics, less concrete/final shingles or metal roofing.

* Roof sheathing is included, as is 1×8” T&G soffit, and custom 1.25″x13.5” sawn wood fascia and 1×4″ or 6″ shadow board, both rough cut to trim-out the roofline. Add your own metal or 3D shingles, as we don’t purchase final roofing (too many personal colors and choices, and we can only save you money if you are in Canada (shipping and import savings), as Montana does not produce roofing.

* Window and door trim in custom 1.5×5.5” rough sawn trim boards, and all exterior trim is included. We also include copper penny metal flashing for the floor to log joint. We include all blocking needed for the floors and roof.

The only thing that is not standard, and needed to finish the whole structure, (while sometimes we include if requested) is: interior trim boards & interior partition walls!! (interior bearing walls are already included) On a 2000’ home this adds around 1500 bucks. Our framing is all select, so you use each piece, not having to waste anything or look for good boards. Trim would be typically rough sawn face, with planed wood for sills, and could be routered or orbital sanded lightly to taste if needed, depending on final finish desired. Leave natural for rustic. We can include this if desired, most of our customers do. Remember, every bid is custom to your final plan and the home you have modified or left as is. The normal things we reduce in quantity or remove easily from our bids are windows, doors (sometimes family members sell their own products to you, etc.), and final flooring on the main floor (for tile or rock areas). Some customers have us add in basement rock and the hand-hewn timber siding (shown on some models), super cheap through us, but super nice quality! Some have us do our full profile log siding (looks just like our logs) for current garages or buildings to help match up existing structures to your new log home! Basically, we will list out everything we will give you, and a “turn key estimate” will list out what else is needed in materials and labor. See that sample for more explanation on that.