Log Home Interiors - Photos here, info below

Unique Interior using our character logs, railing, ceiling and flooring help transform your home into whatever you like.

Below are sample interiors and some information on each picture that will help.

log cabin master bath with steam show double vanity
We have a lot of customers ask us about plumbing in a log home. It is the same, as plumbing is run in interior walls, and the only difference is a slip joint in the vent
log home kitchen in lodge or ranch Cline
Kitchens in our log homes can have logs, rock or tile backsplashes, and rock, tile or wood floors. you can configure them your way, and they look fantastic.
Ponderosa entry foyer and log character from Lazarus Utah
The entry of a lodge style log home has nice character logs, log floor joists for the loft, and here they picked a powder room in the foyer for guests. There is no basement on this lodge, or you would see another set of stairs under this one.
looking down on a log cabin package living room
Looking down from the loft into a typical lodge style log home is an impressive sight. You can add fireplaces and pretty much make it the way you like.
lofted log home area with character log and railing
Our loft flooring is included on any package with a loft, as well as our custom railing, awesome character logs, and lots of goodies no other log company has.
Eagle Ridge cabin interior with PPLP ceiling and 8inch logs montana
The interior of even a smaller Eagle Ridge Ranch style home can be roomy, and it doesn't have to be so expensive. Here our customer used our beautiful T&G for walls as well as ceiling, just ordering a little more from us.
sundown loft 58ths with flooring and railing character logs 500
Our loft flooring, railing, and character logs in the Chalets just set our log homes apart from any other. They just don't have this unique stuff!
log cabin bathroom in the loft colorado tile and glass shower
Loft bathrooms with the sloped ceilings just add beauty, and the sky is the limit.
entry of lodge style log cabin from whitefish montana log home
The entry area of a log home can be a beautiful sight. This is a lodge style log home package, with a stone area to take the shoes off.
Making a custom log archway opening in a Lazarus Log Home Lewistown Montana
This breakfast nook/sunroom has a cool archway cut into it, and displays our fir flooring that we provide on every log home package. 8'-16' long hard fir T&G
custom included log home fir flooring clear coating urethane log cabin living
The fir flooring we provide is a 1x6 T&G, and when you put 4 coats of urethane on it, looks deep, gets super hard, and is beautiful. This is included on all kits.
log cabin loft bed headspace colorado home
The loft levels is a nice area for bedrooms, bathrooms, and a big balcony
fir flooring and electrical outlet in a log home plan
Electrical is run in the framed walls, roof and floors like normal, and on the outside wall, the outlets and switches take only about a day for one man to prepare.
log home addition sunroom insulated whitefish log home design
A sunroom can be added to any model, built like a deck, but insulated and nice.
wine tasting log cabin commercial log building middleton maryland orchard cellar
Commercial buildings like this Eagle River Ranch style, made into a wine tasting area, are inexpensive, yet create excellent ambiance and value like no other.
beautiful concrete stain by glen prestegaard whitefish montana
Basements of log homes can have carpet, stain (concrete stain done by Glen and Jacob Prestegaard) tile, or even hardwood, all look great with logs.
Pinnacle sundown kitchen dining 23 loft main
Even smaller Chalets have lots of room, are efficient, and with the 3/4 loft option, the dining area has logs above, while the living room has 23' ceilings straight up
handcrafted table from extras Lazarus
A lot of our customers get live edge slabs from us, and with some extra character log posts, make furniture. We love this table. None like it, and just some handwork.
Logs and wood joist and floor best color of logs and lumber on the market lazarus
Our character logs, floor joists, GluLam beams, and loft flooring have more color than any log home manufacturer. We are different than the rest, easy to see!
spiral stairset on log home package first one for lazarus
We make our own log stairsets, this is the first of many spiral log stairs we have designed over the last 15 years.
Inside a custom Log home from Lazarus Log Homes Lewistown montana
Here you see our fir floor, and a really cool rock fireplace that accents the log home design.There are logs supporting the ridge on the inside of the chase, so it is strong, clean, less money (rock fireplaces are spendy though), and warm. Click the above pic to see this custom home design.
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