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The Pinnacle Chalet

We sell a lot of Pinnacle Chalets, most all are slightly different (customized), but it continues to be a super seller. Why? Tall ceilings (23’), open floorplan, and with the front like a big home, they show well, and when compared to an Elkhorn chalet, every room is 2’ bigger, as it is 4’ wider overall. This gives a lot more room in the loft area, especially, and it just feels bigger in about every way. The 9” standard logs are larger, but feel right in this home, although we have done many in 8” to save customers money. With 1354 sq. ft., over 400 sq. ft. of deck, and lots of glass this baby is valuable but doesn’t set you back. At only 109K, there is lots of bang for the buck, and on a basement, this design is 2250 sq. ft. or more. Final price depends on log wall size, lumber and materials market at time of purchase, and your customized design.

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28x32 Pinnacle Chalet excellent log home design
28x32 Pinnacle 3D Rear
28x32 Pinnacle Main
28x32 Pinnacle Loft
28x36 Antler ridge log kit extra glass shed porch Idaho
The pinnacle has no trim installed yet, no door, and still looks fantastic with extra rows of wall logs (adds room in the loft), waiting for completion for someone to move in...always getting exciting.
Pinnacle sundown kitchen dining 23 loft main view best small kitchen 500
The kitchen and dining area on this Pinnacle are comfortable, and with the 3/4 loft option, the dining area sports loft logs above it, yet the living room is open to below
Pinnacle Sunup chalet 34 loft kitchen log cabin to entry view 500
Another shot of the same home in these pics, and everything about our homes is special!
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