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The Ponderosa Lodge

Many of our customers want a good looking yet efficient design. The Ponderosa combines the curb appeal of a Cascade lodge, widens the footprint for more square footage, pulls the front prow shape back into the home, so there is less corner notching, while still keeping that awesome V-prow shape design on the front. The entry side is a great looking deck with a truss, and shows off that side of the home while keeping the costs down. The home has a super open floorplan, larger master, kitchen and dining area, while keeping some of that big living area by widening the whole log home, and not projecting the prow too far out in front, and if there is a steep hillside, that is a good plan. Enjoy luxury and a big log home, with an efficient design anyone would like, and customize this puppy just the way you want it. As shown, the price is around $228K, including everything on the outside, less the roofing, and inside, all bearing structure, railings, stairs, flooring, loft ceiling, etc…see the exact materials below…or modify them. The final price depends on your final design and the current lumber market at the time of bid. 9″ wall logs shown standard, available in 8″, 9″, 10″ and 12″ sizes. Click here to get back to the “LODGES” Carousel

Lazarus log home design ponderosa lodge best efficiency
30x48 Ponderosa 3D Entry view bang for the buck log home
28x48 Ponderosa 3D Rear alternate entry
This is a Variation on the entry side, everything else the same, where we added a huge grande entry dormer, loft balcony, railing, and added longer, massive entry character logs. This option is included in the price and design, or deduct about 6K for that feature.
28x48 Ponderosa Main Floor plan design log cabin
28x48 Ponderosa Loft Floor
28x48 Ponderosa Basement
Ponderosa lodge loft nice log balcony 500
The loft of a Ponderosa has ample room and super looks. 2-4 bedrooms, a bath (or suites), and an open area.
steam shower master bath 500 Ponderosa 24
The larger footprint allows for larger master bath areas, and this is all custom, and priced right.
Master bedroom fir floor Ponderosa 24 wide 500
With log floor joists, beams and lots of log, a master suite is nothing but exceptional. Enjoy personal time and warmth.
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