The Spruce Grande Lodge, lots of deck, dormers & is divine!

The Spruce Lodge is such a great look, and adding dormers to the beautiful glass on the front side v-prow, covered front deck, and lots of area for a great BBQ off the dining area make for some great entertaining. Drop down off the deck there too, and use that side basement area for an inexpensive garage, all indoors and under the same roof! The Grande Entry Portico, with massive character log posts, makes for a great area to park and drop off guests and groceries with almost no distance to the kitchen. Big 9″ logs are about the right size on this home, and for most areas, are included, and this home, as shown is around 210K. This home, as shown with the garage, is 2701 square feet of living, with a 456′ garage. If you convert the garage area to living area, the home is 3157 square feet. This log home can be done with 8, 9, 10 or 12″ logs, and all look equally great, especially with the huge character logs we have, no matter what wall log size is chosen.      Click here to get back to the “LODGES” Carousel

Lodge style lofted floor plan efficient design
Spruce lodge basement log home design with garage in basement
The Spruce lodge, although not a giant footprint (the smallest lodge we offer), still has a prow like the Cascade, and other 3500-5000 square foot homes. Very impressive area up front!
The kitchen and area is open to the living room, and quite a nice area to make your own!
Another shot of the same home in these pics, and everything about our homes is special!
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