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The Sundown Chalet

The Sundown Chalet is awesome in most every way. Perfect size, at 3070 square feet, open floorplan, 23’ ceiling, nice sized 9” peeled logs, and with huge character posts and beams inside. Longer covered porch, big deck, lots of glass up front with the huge V-prow shape, and tons of curb appeal. You walk up to the front prow, and can see far more than just out front! Pick me, this design says, as it is easy to customize to your liking, and with a floorplan like this, you can see the sky is the limit with layout potential and options. This log home package is right at 153K, as shown, including basement materials in our package, and includes the larger 9” Swedish coped and peeled logs! Figure about 5-6K cheaper without basement materials. Add the hand hewn siding on the basement sides and front for about 800 bucks, the perfect compliment! Final price depends on log wall size, lumber and materials market at time of purchase, and your customized design.   Click here to get back to the “CHALETS” Carousel

Sundown back log cabin image with mountains
28x40 Sundown 3D Rear view
28x40 Sundown Main Floor plan best log home design
28x40 Sundown Loft floor with balcony
28x40 Sundown Valley Basement layout
sundown front view of beautiful log home packag
This Sundown has character deck posts (more rustic), with basement rock and hand hewn siding.
Sundown log home with big logs and shed dormer roof
This Sundown has a 10/12 pitch roof, a shed dormer, and massive 12" logs for long winters.
Sundown Chalet log cabin with lots of front glass
This Sundown has the typical window configuration and a full length covered porch.
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