Cascade Lodge log home design with attached garage
Green building is just what it sounds like. We use dead trees, a renewable resource. They also out perform a framed home in about every category!

Start with common sense…dead standing trees make the best log homes!

What is Green, and “sustainable building”?

Basically, it is building more intelligently with environmental concerns, economic interest, and with health in mind for not just the owner, but for the community and even to future generations. It means maintaining, or increasing the quality of life for ourselves, and those around us.

We laugh when we see our competitors touting “Building Green”, and virtually all of them kill lots of trees by kiln drying their logs to get them only partially dry enough to fool you into thinking they are dry, and somehow fool themselves into thinking that is really good! The kilns burn tons of energy too! Then they pump tons of bad chemicals into the logs (inside and out) when they “treat” the logs with preservative! Bad chemicals on the inside of your home! And only because the logs are not dry, and they are trying to basically patch up a problem with another problem. Sounds like our government. I know, I know, back to subject. We use only dead trees, even with our railing. Even our trim is from dead trees, to help with the total utilization of the tree (the large butt ends are best for trim, and too large to lathe). Trees are renewable, a good thing! Our byproduct, firewood, and chips, are used to heat local homes, and the chips to heat the large kilns of the local lumber mills!

When you build, take into consideration the sun angles in your site planning. Safeguard the waterways nearby. Think about renewable energy if possible, and conserve materials (all our designs save money by not wasting materials with retarded designs done without thinking of each piece of material in that design).

When we recommend stain, it is a natural oil, a patented product (we don’t sell it, only recommend), and when we speak of the interior, that is a different environment, so no treat will work on the logs better on the outside, with any consideration to the inside clear material for your logs. We don’t have termite issues with our methods either, and have homes in the deep South, in the deep West (humid, and dry climates), and  with 300 plus lb. snow loads near ski resorts, and homes up in Alaska and Canada, so our methods work equally well in all climates.

Log homes are greener than conventional construction, as they are more energy efficient (our larger logs are by far), and reduce environmental impacts with renewable resources. Timber is about the only renewable construction resource there is, requiring almost no energy to produce, far superior to other building products. Log walls hold coolness and warmth far better, as thermal mass (absorption) out-performs Rvalue (reflection) by balancing out the night and day with the delay of the mass. They also will burn far slower than a framed house (thermal mass again), protecting you better. Along those lines are the superior wind, tornado, hurricane, earthquake and other natural disaster performance of the much stronger and safer home in all conditions. Instead of a wall with framing, insulation, sheetrock, tape and texture, wood sheathing, plastic wrap and siding, a log is stacked up, and it is done. Strong, beautiful, smart, and totally renewable, and they are worth more than framed homes by far. Saves money too (saves some green in that sense)! Lazarus Log Homes is smart Green Building. We just had to include another shot of a customer that sent us a picture of the wife hugging our beautiful, colorful, dead standing character logs. We are very proud of them. Nobody has them like we do. We bring the dead trees back to life, hence the name Lazarus. 

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