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The Pinnacle Valley Chalet log cabin home

The Pinnacle Valley is an efficient log cabin design, with and open floorplan, an easy to customize loft that is like a balcony, or can be private for a huge master suite. Designed to be on a walkout (or daylight) basement, usually on a slope, but some put the whole basement above the ground, if they want a garage down there. We feature the massive character logs, all structural materials, and much of the trim (see our package material button above). We typically sell these with 8″ or 9″ logs, but we can customize the wall log diameter to your needs or budget. Most modify and order this home with popular larger 8″ logs, and it come in as show around $113K. We sell a lot of these homes, as they are definitely bang for the buck efficient chalet log cabins.  Click here to get back to the “CHALETS” Carousel

Great design small log cabin with loft and basement 3d
Rear view of log home with back entry gabled roof 3d
28x32 main floor log cabin floorplan
28x32 log cabin basement floorplan
28x36 Antler ridge log kit extra glass shed porch Idaho
This Pinnacle has no trim installed yet, no door, and still looks fantastic with extra rows of wall logs (adds room in the loft), waiting for completion for someone to move in...always getting exciting.
Pinnacle sundown kitchen dining 23 loft main view best small kitchen 500
The kitchen and dining area on this Pinnacle are comfortable, and with the 3/4 loft option, the dining area sports loft logs above it, yet the living room is open to below
Pinnacle Sunup chalet 34 loft kitchen log cabin to entry view 500
Another shot of the same home in these pics, and everything about our homes is special!
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