A Turn Key estimate…What will my log home cost, including labor and everything else?

Lazarus Complete Log Home material Packages and turn key budgets…both are needed.
We provide a turn key estimate for every customer, then after we send it to you, we go over it so it is even more accurate for your area, what you will be doing, what family or friends can or will do, your site (water, septic, power, road), and basically customize it so it is the most accurate final number you have. Banks require it, and even if you have cash, you need these numbers to make a good decision. This is only a sample budget, and each one for each customer is different, depending on many factors. This sample is a typical Sunrise Chalet, on a partially finished BASEMENT. TOTAL SQUARE FOOTAGE IS 2008 square feet. This home, on a bare piece of ground, would build for about $190 bucks a square foot, with everything. Yes, you read that correctly. Yours might be more, might be less, depending mostly on your design, but it also depends on what you do, how far you are away, if you need a deep well, if you need a general contractor, basically, you won’t know until you go through one of these for your home with us (but we can certainly ballpark it very easily along the way so you know about where you will end up!). As you can see, this is estimated with a jetted master tub, walk in shower, nice stainless appliances, and quality throughout, using our beautiful logs, big character posts, awesome flooring, and quality trim. Only with Lazarus Log Homes. There are local crews who travel who can set up all your package materials on your concrete, but Lazarus does not build the home, you do. We estimate the costs as accurately as possible, using over 2000 turn key estimates on our homes as experience, and talking with local builders, owners, and traveling crews who set up our homes in the US and Canada (most states) for reference. Some want to cut some corners in several areas, others want higher end kitchens and baths, or live in a higher cost to build area, or remote or very difficult access, and we want you to have the most accurate numbers, depending on you, and this is why we do these for every customer.

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